Jessica Tucker crop

Jessica Tucker, PhD


Jessica Tucker, PhD

Assistant Professor, Microbiology & Immunology

Postdoc, UC Berkeley

PhD, University of Georgia

BS, University of Alabama

I am beyond excited to be a new PI. I love taking walks, drinking good beer, and playing with my two young kids. 

Sheila Gonzalez

Sheila Gonzalez

PhD student, Microbiology

Courtney Woodruff

Courtney Woodruff

PhD student, Biomedical Science (Cancer Biology)

B.S./B.A., Purdue University

In my free time I enjoy reading, board/card games, and baking.

mahmoud bashir

Mahmoud Bashir


B.S., University of Iowa

I love sewing, soap making and MMA.

lauren johnson

Lauren Johnson


B.A., Monmouth College

I enjoy listening to music and watching Hawkeye football.

Jasmin Mendoza

Jasmin Mendoza

Undergraduate Microbiology Major

I enjoy learning and reading about research and medicine.

Kyle Rapchak- Research Associate in the Tucker lab

Kyle Rapchak

Former Research Associate, current rotation PhD student

BS, University of Pittsburgh

I love doing experiments, listening to music, and watching sports!


Zach Grissom- Undergraduate researcher

Zach Grissom

Undergraduate Microbiology Major

AS, Montgomery College

I'm an avid sci-fi fan, and love building LEGOs with my two kids.

Previous Tucker Lab Members

Ricardo Espinoza-Hernandez- 2022 Summer REU

Ariana Jimenez- 2023 Master's

Calyssa Huff- 2023 Summer REU